"Every organization knows they have to digitize. From running to keep up with customers’ expectations to outpacing disruptive competitors, the pressure is obvious. But though many are trying, more than two-thirds of digital transformations don’t achieve their desired impact. Why? Discrete, siloed efforts without company-wide sponsorship. Too many pilots, prototypes, and piecemeal innovations that don’t scale across geographies or business units, failing to contribute to defined commercial goals."1)

Truku delivers integrated digital solution, customized as customer's need to achieve defined commercial goals. Some of our customer's result as below.


Automatically Dispatching Order Process

Transportation Management System (TMS) is useful for optimizing transactions. When the order process is released, the arrangement of the transporter until the receipt of the goods by the customer is done automatically. Used for outbound & inbound logistics transactions.



time for dispatching orders




Transporters' selection according to the specified rules.

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in-plant transaction time.

Automatic Transactions in Plants and Warehouses.

Using mobile phones only and it can be integrated with CCTV, barrier gate, etc. Increase security level.

Freight Costs Efficiency

Based on our customer experience, truck utilization becomes more optimal, more simple process, creates lower freight cost.

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Saving up to


freight costs, through optimizing truck utilization.

Clients' Testimonial